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Virtual Reality

SuperIntelligence Technologies provides consultation where we discuss all client`s requirements and wishes and suggest the most suitable option for Virtual Reality experience development according to the client`s goal and budget. We create Virtual Reality experiences for the following hardware: HTC Vive Pro, Pimax 5K Plus, Oculus Rift which are the best option for amusing games and top-line marketing activations as well as HTC Vive Focus, Pico Neo, Oculus Go for global marketing deployments and company`s pieces of training and education. The company integrates into Virtual Reality experiences their patent technologies such as interaction tracking, heat maps, view tracking, and analytics integrations.

SuperIntelligence Technologies Develops A Quite Realistic And Detailed World Of Virtual Reality That Could Be Used Through A Standalone Desktop Application Or Web Browser Which Also Can Work With A Large Number Of Simultaneous Users. Company`S Virtual Reality Developers Use The Power Of:
  • Oculus Rift

  • The Cyberith Virtualizer

  • The Zeiss Virtual Reality One

  • The Pinc Virtual Reality

Our company develops Virtual Reality experiences for different purposes such as virtual meeting and exhibitions, educational games, architectural solutions, and even virtual graduation ceremonies. SuperIntelligence Technologies is a full-service software development company with years of experience. SuperIntelligence Technologies has a team of professionals who already developed numerous Virtual Reality experience for clients from the automotive, manufacturing, education, retail, and real estate industries.

Our company offers Virtual Reality experience prototyping/MVP development, full-stack development, maintenance, and enhancement. SuperIntelligence Technologies focuses not on the team`s size but its competence, so that team members have a deeper recognizing the needs and requirements of client`s to deliver similar solutions.

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