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SuperIntelligence Technologies

          Our success lies in your success – we want you to be the very best you can and together we grow. That’s why, at SuperIntelligence Technologies, we work with our employees in achieving their goals via career expectation consultations, individual performance metrics reviews and continuous training in the latest quality, management, and technology applications. We maintain our core values of truth, precision, cooperation and innovation as you continue to learn and develop both personally and professionally. Our people-focused approach and open attitude offers an environment that respects your needs and promotes your development.


           SuperIntelligence Technologies employees are continuously able to add to their skill sets. Relationships with companies who are at the forefront of technology development provide employees with experience to world class development practices and emerging technologies. The compensation packages at SuperIntelligence Technologies are tailored to be competitive and to encourage long-term retention and include both fixed and variable components. The variable components of the compensation are normally based on either individual or team performance. Performance reviews are undertaken periodically and salary increases are determined based on individual performances and a professional analysis of market trends. SuperIntelligence Technologies offers a comprehensive benefits program tailored to meet employee needs and is normally based on the trends at specific locations.

Current Openings

SIT-01.  Data Engineers

SIT-02.  Data Platform Architects

SIT-03.  IoT Specialists

SIT-04.  Data Scientists

SIT-05. Machine Learning Specialists

SIT-06. Artificial Intelligence Specialists

SIT-07. Cloud and Infrastructure Specialists

SIT-08. Senior Software Engineer

SIT-09. Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

SIT-10. Program/Project Managers

To apply any of the above openings, please send resumes to SuperIntelligences Technologies LLC., 610 East Zack Street, Suite110-3088, Tampa, FL - 33602 or  Email to or Fill out & submit below Contact Us form.

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